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There is no difference between a chiropodist and a podiatrist.  The term chiropodist has been traditionally used in the UK but the term podiatrist is recognised and used more globally.  Chiropodists in the UK are being referred to as podiatrists more and more and many people within the profession refer to themselves as both.


A Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered chiropodist/podiatrist is a specialist who is skilled, trained and educated to assess, diagnose and treat problems of the foot and associated structures.

Foot disorders affect the majority of people at some time in their lives and so we recommend annual foot checks for all members of the family. Chiropodists/podiatrists are skilled in screening and health education, so a visit to the chiropodist/podiatrist need not always be about sore feet. Your feet and your family's foot health are important.

Chiropodists/podiatrists are able to provide advice on foot care, health education, gait analysis and footwear advice. Your chiropodist/podiatrist can advise on workplace footwear, the right type of shoes for you, or the most suitable shoes to prevent foot problems.

Much of the work of a chiropodist/podiatrist is aimed at prevention and education. If you are diabetic you should be having an annual diabetic foot check. Your chiropodist/podiatrist can perform this diabetic foot check and provide you with the necessary Diabetic foot care advice.

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